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We would love to be a part of your whole life journey, as we ask for God's blessing to be on you.  Whether you are welcoming a child and wish them to be Christened, starting a new life together by getting Married or saying goodbye to a loved one and arranging a funeral,  we would love to journey with you.  As part of the Church of England, we offer Christenings (also known as Baptism), Weddings and Funerals to anyone resident in our parishes, to those attending our churches or with a "qualifying connection" to our parishes.  If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Vicar, the Rev'd Charlotte Cheshire.

How Can I Make Sure a Church Funeral is Personal?

At the heart of every funeral led by a Church of England minister is the good news of God’s love for every unique human being. Each service is designed to reflect that love alongside the story of a particular life. Each person is unique – in personality and in life experience. A Church of England funeral allows you to give thanks for the unique person you knew and loved in a way that gives comfort and hope. Christians believe that each and every person is uniquely made in the image of God. So a Church of England funeral is a good place to give thanks for all that was special about the person you knew and loved.

A Church of England funeral can be held in a place that you choose – whether a church, a crematorium or a green burial ground. It can also include unique details, whether that is what people wear, the music that is played, readings that are chosen or simply a photograph at the front. Our Vicar will be very happy to hear the special memories you have about the person you want to give thanks for and will help you work out what is possible.

The prayers at a funeral can also reflect a unique life. They could include prayers for work or a hobby that has been important, for those who have cared during a final illness and for family members by name. They can be led by the vicar or by someone amongst family or friends who is at ease leading prayers in public.

There are so many choices that can help to make the service personal, including:

  • Where it happens – at a crematorium, in a church, at a green burial site, in a funeral director’s chapel

  • The structure of the day – where the service begins, whether the funeral will move from one location to another and where things will finish.

  • The choice of coffin and transport

  • Flowers

  • Personal items at the service, such as photos or memorabilia

  • Music and hymns – sung by congregations or soloists or recordings

  • Readings – poetry, from friends, and the whole Bible to choose from!

  • A tribute or eulogy – shared by family and friends, or read on your behalf by the minister

  • Prayers and reflection – you could contribute and special interests of your loved one can be shared

  • At the graveside/afterwards – symbols such as balloons, doves or flowers

  • All of these can be part of a Church of England-led funeral and helps to make the service personal.


The minister will tell the story of God’s love, offering a message of Christian hope and comfort, drawing on timeless words that have helped generations of people. When the minister visits you, share your thoughts, and be ready to talk about the person you are remembering. You will be able to work together to create a service that is special, and that will work well on the day.

A Church of England funeral service, wherever it happens, offers a framework of love and hope which holds the personal stories of those whose lives we remember.


If you're ready to arrange a service, please contact our Vicar, the Rev'd Charlotte Cheshire on 01484 982 373. If you would like to read more about arranging a funeral in church, the choices available to you and things that need to be done, please visit:

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